See what our parents and alumni have to say about CCA, and contact us to schedule your tour.

"This is my daughter's 1st year at CCA. She had attended a Christian day care/preschool and I was confident that I wanted her to begin her formal education in a Christ-centered environment. I was nervous enough to send her off to Kindergarten, but even more wary of her attending a secular/public school. CCA is the answer to my prayers.

The parents and students have been so welcoming and eager to include me and my daughter in the CCA family. I am so impressed with how invested and involved all of the families are with the school! There are plenty of opportunities to meet and interact with the other families!

I feel like my daughter is treated as an individual at CCA, genuinely loved and cared about by her peers and the faculty. It has been a joy to see her blossom into the young student she has become while attending CCA. Enrolling her at CCA is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

-Nikki Williams

"Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic! Our daughter has always gone to public school until last year. This year we made the decision to place her at Cornerstone Christian Academy (CCA). First she attended a shadow day and loved every minute of it. Then came the actual test, being a part of the school for more than a day. Our daughter has responded  fantastically. She studies hard because it is expected of her and the other kids do also. They have a real family atmosphere and encouraging culture. I believe that when our daughter goes to college she will be fully prepared academically and spiritually. Another note I would like to add is that this culture and this learning experience would not be possible if the administrators and teachers didn't model this behavior themselves. I have interacted with both the administrators and teachers during volunteer opportunities. I have seen the respect the students have for the teachers and the respect the teachers have for the student's abilities. This school truly embraces a mentoring heart and I won't send my child any other place!"

-CCA Parent

"We home schooled our son through eight grade. When he reached high school, we looked around to find a school that was going to nurture his relationship with Christ as well as challenge him academically. We were thrilled to find Cornerstone Christian Academy! It was the perfect match for us. His school experience has been very positive and he has really flourished. We couldn't be happier with our decision to send him to CCA."

-Jon and Tammy Cook, Kendall, NY

"Cornerstone is where I made many godly friendships It is where I spent 8 years of my life. It's where I could talk with teachers about anything. It is where those teachers gave me godly advice and encouragement. It's where I was taught not to gossip and where I learned truths that counter the confusing lies taught in college. It's where I was taught and held to standards that set me apart and where I was given opportunities to learn, read, and serve all at once. It's where, as a youth, I looked up to high-schoolers and where as a high-schooler, I helped out with the youth. It's where I didn't have to waste time picking clothes out in the morning and where I was allowed to comfort, and be comforted by friends, even if it was class time."

-Lisa Gaul '11

" I have two grade school children at Cornerstone Christian Academy. The curriculum is challenging and the teachers are very dedicated. Academically and socially it tops public schools. Keep up the great work."

-CCA Parent

"I am a graduate of Cornerstone Christian Academy and attended from 2-12 grades. I went on to Houghton College and feel that this school, and especially its educators, prepared me for the challenges of Houghton's highly rigorous academics."

-CCA Graduate

"This school has taught our daughter a great deal of confidence. She recently switched over from the public schools and what a blessing this year has been so far. CCA may not have all the extra activities that the public school does, but in the end it is the great Christian values and academic preparedness that my daughter will use in her life. I am so thankful every day that she made the switch."

-CCA Parent

"We have children in 6th and 11th grades attending CCA. We also have a son who graduated in 2008, who struggled with ADHD his entire school career. CCA is a safe Christian environment, where the teachers and administration work tirelessly for all the children. The education that the children receive is TOP NOTCH! The teachers always encourage and help all the students to succeed scholastically, and to grow in their Christian walk. My ADHD son now attends a VERY competetive top ranked university with a high drop out rate. He was so well prepared for college by the teachers at Cornerstone that even though his work is extremely difficult, he is doing very well. Sometimes we won't truly know how good of an education our children received in high school, until we can see how they perform in college. If you're looking for a top quality Christian education. CCA delivers!"

-CCA Parent

"Our family is so thankful for CCA and its dedicated staff. CCA offers a curriculum that challenges our daughter academically and nurtures her spiritually. We appreciate having a Christ-centered alternative that is both uncompromising in its principles and solid in its pedagogy."

-CCA Parent

"I am a parent of a Senior who started school here in 3rd grade. After one season of public school education and 2 years of home schooling, it was the right choice for all. The school worked with us to make the transition as smooth as possible. What a blessing this school has been for both our child and ourselves as parents. It is geographically in a great area. The atmosphere is that of a high Christian standard while helping each child both spiritually and in its curriculum to succeed in whatever path awaits them in life. I only wish I had the chance to attend a school such as this when I was growing up."

-CCA Parent

"After educating our children at home for many years, we felt it was time to put them in a school environment where they could fully develop their independence and explore the gifts God had given them. Cornerstone Christian Academy met our needs for a school that would support our Christian beliefs and allow our children to grow and learn in a secure environment. The integrity of the caring faculty and staff is unsurpassed in our community. We are so grateful for Cornerstone Christian Academy."

-The Huntington family, Clarendon, NY

"The years I spent at Cornerstone Christian Academy (formerly Golden Heights Christian Academy) were crucial in establishing a strong foundation for a successful life in Christ. The teachers truly care about academics, and they poured a lot of time, caring and effort into ensuring that I learned well. The high quality of the academics and teaching at Cornerstone gave me the tools for achieving at every education level I have sought. The discipline helped to establish godly order and discipline in my life, thus reinforcing my parents’ efforts at home. The most important aspect of the school is the emphasis on the importance of a strong, personal life with Christ. The teachers centered all teaching and life lessons on Christ and the Bible. This emphasis helped to make me a well-rounded individual. There is nothing more important to me than my life in Christ; it is the core of who I am. Cornerstone was vital in developing that. Cornerstone takes the best academics, great athletics, and the very best of staff, and centers it on the Lord. What education could be better than that?"

-Kevin Johnson, Brockport, NY

"My name is Ji Hyun Yeom, and I was a Foreign Exchange Student from South Korea, attending Cornerstone Christian Academy in the 2006 – 2007 school year. American and South Korean schools are very different, so when I felt discouraged, Mr. J (Johnson) and Mr. Dean always tried to help me, and it really helped me! Mrs. J also helped. CCA really impressed me. I am back in South Korea now, but I always think about CCA and all of my friends there!"

-Ji Hyun Yeom, South Korea

"Growing in a faith-based, structured environment greatly affected my life. I learned through Christ-based sports that in everything I do, every action I make, I am first an example of Christ. I can honestly say that the consistent structure of God’s love, compassion and grace taught in high school keeps me grounded in my daily walk. I highly recommend the school to all of my friends and family."

-Rachelle Haas, Rochester, NY

"Our son Scott has been attending CCA for almost a year now. He is in ninth grade. When he first started at Cornerstone Christian Academy, he had a bad attitude. We have seen him, slowly, gain a better attitude and grow a lot in his character and the way he treats others. We attribute this to the godly setting he is now in, and how much the staff at CCA cares about each individual student. We highly recommend CCA. We wish that we had started Scott there sooner."

The Re family, Holley, NY

"Our daughter is a Kindergartener at CCA - and we couldn't be more pleased with the progress she's making. We have a 5 yr old niece attending public Kindergarten -- and when we compare the work she brings home to the work our daughter is doing at CCA...it looks like our daughter is a grade ahead of our niece. The staff and faculty at CCA have a sincere interest in making all of their students (our children) better students AND better people!"

-CCA Parent

"Both my husband and I attended Golden Heights (Cornerstone Christian Academy), and graduated from this school. They have excellent, caring and devoted teachers, and always have excellent classes and opportunities for the students; all while teaching loving and Christian character to all the children who attend. As soon as our kids get old enough, they will surely be sent there, where we know they will be in good hands!!",

-Brandon and Sarah Passer

"We are happy, as a family, that we made the decision to send Evani to Cornerstone Christian Academy. We appreciate the patience, kindness and hard work in assisting Evani with the best education possible. The school has touched our hearts with their warm and friendly staff and we feel blessed to have found a place for our child to grow, academically as well as spiritually."

-The Eckerts, Holley, NY