About Us

Since our founding in 1983, our students have been very successful. While our student body is a normal (average) population, consisting of students who range from mild learning disabilities, through the average achievers and on to the few gifted, our standardized test scores place us in the top 15 out of 100 students nationwide.

95% of our graduates go on to college. Of the remaining students, some have entered the military, and a few have jumped directly into the job market. We have been very pleased by the reports from our graduates, their parents, and even their college professors.  Here are some benefits you may expect:

  • comfort and confidence in teachers who honor your parental authority.
  • peace of mind and satisfaction in having sound, advanced academics which are nurtured with Godly character development.
  • confidence that your child will grow in knowledge as well as the wisdom to use their knowledge for good.
  • joy in the knowledge that the Christian teachings of your home will be reinforced and extended into your child's day.
  • fulfillment of hope as your child is nurtured as a citizen of God's Kingdom as well as patriots of our blessed nation.