Cornerstone Kids

Pre-K Program

Pre-K Enrollment Forms

2021-2022 PreK Handbook.pdf 2021-2022 PreK Handbook.pdf
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2021-2022 Pre-K Registration Form.pdf 2021-2022 Pre-K Registration Form.pdf
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Cornerstone Christian Pre-K will:

  • Provide an introduction to Biblical concepts
  • Provide a basis for pre-academic learning
  • Expose children to a variety of activities which will stimulate individual interests
  • Provide an environment where play is part of the learning process
  • Provide an environment for hands-on learning, discovery, and reinforcement
  • Provide avenues for personal and group exploration
  • Stimulate imagination
  • Provide avenues for individual and group social development
  • Provide a staff where classroom leaders will each have a personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior
  • Provide rooms designed with age appropriate needs in mind