The goals of CCA are multi-faceted.  Generally, we give each child the opportunity to be born again and then we provide a sound Christian-based education.  We hope to join with parents to ensure the students are brought up in the way they should go.  This is done that we might see the fulfilling of God’s promise that when they are grown, they will not depart from God’s way.

Each student will be challenged to stretch toward his intellectual and spiritual potential.  We will provide the students with an education that meets or exceeds the levels of the best public schools while offering them the firm, loving, Christ-centered atmosphere of our Christian school.

We will not over-protect our students, as this can obscure their understanding of the concept of being in the world but not of it.  Rather, we will teach them to face the world with an unwavering faith.  Through the guidance and help of our Lord Jesus, we will see our students truly living as conquerors and overcomers in this world.

The current education system has limitations placed upon it in order to maintain the extra-constitutional concept of separation of church and state.  Therefore, the full educational needs of the nation’s students cannot always be met in a public school.  Each child has a body, a soul, and a spirit.  CCA will not only address the education related areas of body and soul, but we will give extra attention to the growth of spiritual maturity.

The Bible instructs parents to, “ Train up a child in the way he should go . . . “. The education and training of your child is an investment.  It is an investment of time, prayer, and finances.  It is our goal to form, in each child, a firm foundation upon which Jesus can build in each student’s life.  This foundation will enable the students to fulfill their potential, which is the goal of your investment.  We will emphasize teaching the basics, the foundations, in order to establish in each child a personality and character of godliness.  When confronted with pressures, many children make very costly mistakes.  At times, there are consequences that they must live with for the rest of their lives.  Friends at school will influence your child.  Television bombards the mind with greed, pride, lust, infidelity, sex, violence, and cursing.  Unfortunately, many children do not have a standard or basis upon which to make good decisions.  We will continually reinforce the godly teachings that you support in your homes.  We will provide an education and an atmosphere where students can learn to make sound choices, based upon a sound foundation of unchanging truths.

It is our goal to :

  • provide an atmosphere of positive faith and believing

  • draw out and protect the sensitive child while directing the more aggressive child to use his talents properly

  • channel the energy of your child toward good

  • expose your child to a wide range of areas of interest

  • help your child develop fully in spirit, mind and body

  • observe talents and strong points in your child and to assist you and your child in the development of these areas

  • teach your child to communicate well, including developing the ability to resolve conflicts with others

  • teach students how to work diligently to resolve problems and how to “think through” difficult problems

  • develop in the students a confidence and courage that they will use humbly, in love

  • instill in each student an understanding of the Judeo-Christian heritage, including morals, the Protestant work ethic, the vital role of home and family relationships, and strong personal discipline