Samantha VanEenwyk

Samantha VanEenwyk


Earned Bachelors in Elementary and Special Education,  Teacher Certification 

Teaching Experience

Taught for 1 year at John Floyd Elementary School in Florida

CCA Experience

Launched Cornerstone Kids Pre-K Program in 2012-2013

Favorite Scripture(s) 

John 3:16 - I know, the one verse that everyone knows, but I really love it because that one verse contains all you need to know for true salvation in Jesus. It is the whole gospel message in one neat verse.

Favorite Quote(s) 

I don't really have one. Nothing inspiring that I have written on my mirror for encouragement. I just try to live my life the way God wants me to.......and I'd rather jog up a hill than walk, gets it over can quote me on that one.

Favorite Things About Working at CCA 

I'm loving how I've already been welcomed so wonderfully by the staff and parents. I'm looking forward to being part of a true Christian education and the impact that will have on these very young lives.

Favorite Book(s) 

There are a lot! Most of my favorites are in the young adult category, usually historical or science fiction/fantasy. My all time favorite is probably The Black Arrow by Robert Louis Stevenson.


I have recently gotten back into sewing! I love making cute outfits and unique toys for the young children of friends and family. It's a great feeling of accomplishment and encouragement to try new projects I never would have thought that I could make.